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Star Palace 25

Height : 25cm

Treca mattress with Air Spring® pocket springs.

This double-sided model with full upholstery offers long-lasting comfort adapted to each season.

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Height: 25 cm

Soft contact and firm support

5 year guarantee

Equipped with a suspension composed of 744 Air Spring® pocket springs, the Royal Palace 25 is the first mattress in the Tréca collection with full upholstery.  This emblematic Tréca technique provides additional support to the mattress and ensures perfect durability of the product over time. 

The Air Spring® suspension guarantees excellent sleeping independence, allowing two people lying on the same mattress not to feel each other's movements and so limit the number of microwakes during the night. It makes for a peaceful night's sleep!

The Royal Palace 25 by Tréca has a high-density foam covering around the springs to enhance support and provide comfortable seating.

The Treca models are always elegant and carefully finished: the finely covered top, the border with handles, the air vents or the top ticking with the Treca logo are all distinctive features of this brand with its French-style elegance. 

About the Air Spring® suspension

 It offers point-by-point support. Each individually pocketed spring is independent and reacts to the pressure exerted by the weight of the sleeper it supports. The combination of these independent springs, which work together to relieve pressure points, provides the sleeper with optimal sleeping conditions and good sleeping independence. 

744 ressorts ensachés Air Spring®
Capitonnage intégral du modèle

Deux faces de couchage.
Face hiver : Plaque de mousse confort 15 mm. Laine 500 g, ouate 300 g/m2, mousse et maille bouclette
Face été : Coton 400 g, ouate 300 g/m2, mousse et maille bouclette

Hauteur : 25 cm

2 coutils au choix :
Coutil HT19, tricoelastique siglé Tréca, 65% Polyester, 35% Viscose anti-acarien et anti-bactérien
Coutil TV03, Jacquard satin, 100% viscose anti-acarien et anti-bactérien

4 poignées verticales
4 aérateurs siglés Tréca
Plates-bandes piquées
Plateau gansé
Vignette centrée cousue

Tous nos coutils sont traités Non Feu, flamme retardante en respect des normes européennes en vigueur
NF EN 597-1 et NF EN 597-2

Options proposées sur ce modèle: 

ANTI NUISIBLE : à l'aide du traitement Greenfirst®, traitement hypoallergénique certifié Oeko-Tex® et sans fixateur chimique à base d'huiles essentielles de citron.

ASSEMBLAGE : système d'assemblage deux deux matelas à l'aide d'une fermeture velcro ou zip