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Beautyrest Care

Height : 29cm

The 1st santé-kiné certified hotel mattress, with comfort specially designed for back care.

With its latest innovation, the Sensoft Care® suspension, Beautyrest by Simmons has designed its mattress to offer your customers a restful night's sleep.

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Soft contact and firm support

5 year guarantee

Beautyrest Care, the latest addition to the Simmons hotel collection, features Care® Suspension, a unique double suspension system. It includes a Sensoft® main spring supported by a Sensoft Care® mini-spring, forming a total of 1472 springs (160x200cm) for exceptional comfort over the entire mattress surface.

Its beneficial back care properties have allowed this hotel mattress to be the only one in the sector to be awarded the SANTE KINE BIEN-ETRE label issued by the FFMKR.

The 1cm foam between each suspension provides extra soft support.

The two side air vents on the borders provide the necessary ventilation for good mattress hygiene.
This No Flip product is equipped with 4 handles to facilitate daily use (fitting sheets, cleaning...)

About Care® Suspension

The Care® suspension consists of a double layer of pocket springs. The role of the upper layer is to perfectly mould the curves of the sleeper's body in order to offer support adapted in every way to their morphology. The springs located in the lower part have the role of absorbing the weight of the sleeper. The combination of these two types of spring results in a suspension system capable of supporting the body gently, with millimetric precision while relieving every pressure point. 


For healthier bedding, we offer you the Viroblock® treatment, 99.9% effective against viruses and bacteria.

1472 ressorts ensachés Care® (superposition ressorts Sensoft Origine® et mini ressorts Sensoft Care®)
Garnissage mousse de 1 cm entre les suspensions

Système No Flip
Face supérieure : Coutil 8WH, 100% polyester, traité anti-acarien et anti-bactérien, ouate et mousse ultrasoft
Face inférieure lisse : Coutil S019, 77% polyester, 23% polypropylène

Hauteur : 29 cm

Carénage mousse haute densité

4 poignées verticales
4 aérateurs latéraux
Plates-bandes coutil 3D
Plateau avec piquage "grain de café" et finition sergée
Vignette centrée

Tous nos coutils sont traités Non Feu, flamme retardante en respect des normes européennes en vigueur
NF EN 597-1 et NF EN 597-2

Options proposées sur ce modèle: 

VIROBLOCK®: traitement certifié efficace à 99.9% contre les virus et bactéries, pour une literie plus saine.

ANTI NUISIBLE : à l'aide du traitement Greenfirst®, traitement hypoallergénique certifié Oeko-Tex® et sans fixateur chimique à base d'huiles essentielles de citron.

DUO : système d'assemblage deux deux matelas à l'aide d'une fermeture velcro ou zip


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